About G T Carter Transport Books

Back in 1994, Graeme Carter developed the idea of selling out-of-print railway books. It was (and still is) a home based business and was meant to occupy his time for a couple of hours each evening, while he obtained a "Real Job", following him being made redundant from his previous job. The business has steadily grown since then and it is now Graeme’s real, real job.

G T Carter Transport Books started by selling rare and out-of-print Railway Books. This was followed by new Railway Books and, in 1998, rare and out-of-print, as well as new, Maritime Books were added to the range. Then in 1999, Commercial Vehicle Books (Trucks, Buses, Coaches, Fire Engines and Earthmoving Machinery). A new section on Aviation was added in 2003. Both new and out-of-print, have been included in the selection of quality transport books. For nearly 20 years thousands of books have been supplied to satisfied clients throughout the world – some of them extremely rare.

In 2001 Graeme published his first book The British Truck Era of Transport (Nelson) Holdings Ltd. Since then six other books have been published with more to follow, all on road transport in New Zealand. Two of these books are now out of print.

All our books are listed on this website so it would pay to check the site regularly as we are continually adding new stock and deleting books that have been sold.

We produce free regular catalogues on each of the four subjects, so if you wish to be included on our mailing list, please contact us. These contain our latest offerings on your particular interest subjects. And of course, you can keep browsing this site.

We offer a free book search service for customers wishing to find a particular book or books. We maintain search requests indefinitely unless we either find and offer the book, or the customer advises us the it is no longer required. Please let us know if we can help.

We are buyers of books and other printed matter on transport subjects. If you are thinning your collection or are assisting in the disposal of books in our subject areas, please do get in touch.

If you are in Wanganui, New Zealand, you are most welcome to call and peruse our stocks of over 3,000 titles. But please make an appointment first.

Graeme and Brenda Carter and Ted Kellett.